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Album "Unanchored" to be released May 12 2014

 "I'm all about energy, passion and contrasts," says SiLyA, whose music blends the best of modern pop, soul, rock and cabaret with her unique powerhouse vocals and quirky lyrical point of view.

Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, SiLyA sang in the school choir and played classical piano from the age of 8. Being a warm-blooded Norwegian, she was also fascinated with rhythm. At 15, she started dancing, worked hard at it, and majored in contemporary/jazz dance at The Oslo National Academy of Art while simultaneously being a member of several street dance companies doing shows for television and stage.

"I had the biggest crush on Gene Kelly when I was younger. My friends would have posters of boy bands, but I had Gene on my wall. He made me want to be an entertainer. There's something so naive, romantic and amazing about those old Hollywood movies."

SiLyA first found music success barely out of her teens as lead singer in the successful groundbreaking Norwegian hip hop/pop group Multicyde. Signed to Warner Music, they released 2 albums and had 3 #1 hits in Norway. They also toured Scandinavia and Germany. While she was in Multicyde, she was also doing musical theater, performing in shows like Cabaret, Chicago and West Side Story as a triple threat.

After Multicyde she started working with the production house Murlyn Music in Stockholm honing her songwriting skills. This got her thinking on a more international level and ultimately led her to New York City, where she instantly felt at home and started writing with producers and musicians in NYC, LA, London and Atlanta including duetting with Cee Lo Green. Her talents as a chameleon songwriter have caught the attention of many artists wanting to do her songs. She's had her songs covered by major American, Australian, and European artists that have gone gold internationally. Among them were the lead single "Sneakernight" for Disney starlet Vanessa Hudgens' sophomore album and lead single "Kiss Your Mama" for Australian pop diva Vanessa Amorosi.

After a stint of residencies at The Living Room in NYC, she recorded the semi-live album Peel Away that was released digitally on indie label Eusonia. It's a soulful, organic record with experimental instrumentation showing a more "artsy" side to SiLyA.

"I love so many different styles of music. And I think it all depends on where you are in your life and that reflects the music you create. This was a great way to explore within the pop realm."

In the fall of 2013 Silya decided to enter the TV show competition "Stjernekamp" on Norwegian primetime TV. The show consisted of live performances in different musical genres attemtping to find the ultimate  entertainer. And the people voted her to the final where she won. And just like that a lot of hard work payed off and doors opened in the motherland. She did a soldout minitour in the beginning of 2014 while also finishing an album with her band Silya & The Sailors in Brooklyn. "Unanchored" is to released May 12 2014 through Sony Music Norway. It is a raw, energetic, passionate album and an extention of her live shows .
She will be playing multiple festivals in Norway this summer with her Norwegian band The Rapscallions, followed by a tour in October with Silya & The Sailors.

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