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Silya & The Sailors
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Silya & The Sailors
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Silya & The Sailors


"Wanderlust" (snippet)


“Silya & The Sailors” consists of the Norwegian singer and songwriter Silya Nymoen. Born and raised in Oslo, Norway.

In 2016/2017 Silya is releasing a new mini album trilogy. The two first EPs are recorded with Silyas Norwegian Sailors. On the 3rd EP Silya has collaborated with The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, whom she now considers as part of her Sailors. The mini album trilogy will be accessible on all the major streaming platforms and in addition to this, Silya is excited to announce that it will also be available as a triple CD and vinyl, in fall 2016

Silya sang in the school choir and played classical piano from the age of 8. As a warm blooded Norwegian she also possessed a fascination for rhythm. At 15, she started dancing, worked hard and majored in contemporary/jazz dance at “The Oslo National Academy of Art” while simultaneously being a member of several street dance companies performing in shows for television and stage. Silya also starred in theatre musicals such as “Cabaret”, “Chicago” and “West Side” story.

Silya first found success with music as lead singer in the successful Norwegian hip hop/pop group “Multicyde”. Signed to Warner Music they released 2 albums and had 3 #1 hits in Norway, touring Scandinavia and Germany. After the success with “Multicyde” Silya started working with the production house Murlyn Music Group in Stockholm, when she caught the attention of Columbia Records and Island/Def Jam Records in New York. Signed to Columbia as a solo artist, Silya moved to New York in 2006 where she instantly felt at home and started writing with producers and musicians in New York, LA, London and Atlanta. At the same time Silya wrote songs for other artists, but soon decided to focus on playing live to explore her own sound, exploring different musical endeavours while playing the live circuit in New York, performing weekly as a residence artist at “The Living Room”. After a stint of residencies in New York, Silya recorded the album "Peel Away" and released on the indie label “Eusonia” In 2011.

Early 2013 Silya put together a new band called “Silya & The Sailors”, steering her course as captain of her own ship. The instrumentation changed to drums, bass, guitar and trombone. Silya & The Sailors played clubs in New York trying out new twists on some of her earlier written songs as well as experimenting with new material. In the fall Silya returned to Norway for attend in a big national TV show called "Stjernekamp" (Star Fight) competing with other artist to crowned the best Entertainer. Silya won, receiving the title of " Norway's ultimate entertainer”. This opened many doors in her home country resulting, amongst others, in the release of a full-length album in 2014 through Sony Music Norway. The album, "Unanchored", was recorded at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn with her American Sailors. Opting for an unpolished sound and old school way of recording, it became an extension of the live shows she’d been honing in New York for the past year. The album received wonderful reviews and established Silya as one of the leading performing acts in Norway, touring extensively in concert halls and at festivals throughout the country, with more than over 100 performances in 2014 alone.

In 2015 Silya continued to headline leading festivals and venues around Norway. In addition Silya took on a leading role in the play “Sweeney Todd” at the theatre “Det Norske Teater”, a supporting act in the critically acclaimed TV-drama “Mammon” as well as hosting the Norwegian Eurovision Contest in both 2015 and 2016, adding TV- host to her resume.


Management: Heartbeat AS
Manager: Pernille Torp-Holte
Booking Event: Helene Torp-Holte
Official live concerts: Mentometer AS